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Meeting Schiphol

Aim of the meeting

Aim of the meeting: this is not a full consortium meeting, but rather a meeting to fine-tune important deliverables and milestones around M12.

Main topics for this 4th meeting:

  • relationship between functional design and data availability and data organization (both in WP2 for cumulative exposure assessment as for WP3 aggregated exposure assessment)
  • stakeholder conferences, training, attitude research and outside world issues

Milestones and deliverables should be send to the coordinator according to what has been agreed in the Discription of Work (DoW). They should be send in time so that we can discuss relationships between activities and the quality of our output in time. Deliverables are an obligation towards the European Commission. They will be part of the mid-term review and the quality really matters. Deliverables should be of sufficient quality to pass the review. Milestones are internal document describing something which has to be overviewed, built, created or invented before we can set the next step.

The persons responsible for the milestones and deliverables can take note of comments during the meeting and can adjust their deliverable and/or milestone as a consequence. Final approval of these milestones will be taken at the PMT meeting in Rome on 6-7 October.

PMT members not present at this meeting might be able to reflect by E-mail. I want to avoid to have to redo discussions in Rome so that partners can perform their work in an efficient manner.


  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Short overview of progress within WPs
  • Overview and discussions regarding data and models (each 15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion)
  • Presentation Deliverable 2.1 Paper on the availability and quality of input data, current monitoring practice in Europe and how data can be selected for cumulative modelling (M12) (Gerda van Donkersogoed or Polly Boon).
  • Presentation Deliverable 2.2. Guidance document on converting food as consumed including an annex on how the food has been converted using nation-specific recipes M9 (Polly Boon)
  • Presentation Deliverable 3.1 Report describing data structures and data availability for non-dietary exposure (M12). (Richard Glass)
  • Presentation Deliverable 5.1 Functional design of the cumulative risk model combining useful algorithms of existing software and new functionality defined in other WPs. (Hilko v.d. Voet)
  • Short presentation Milestone 2.2. Toxicological data organised for BMD modelling (M12). (Bas Bokkers)
  • [list-item]

Stakeholder, training, attitude research

  • Presentation Website (Gerda van Donkersgoed)
  • External connections (Jacob van Klaveren)
    • SAB meeting
    • Training
    • Consortium agreement and approach of stakeholders within coming half year
  • Stakeholder conference and attitude research (Frederic and Ugent)
  • Other issues
    • Planning next meeting (INRAN)
    • Questions to EU regarding obligations and reporting
    • Suggestions for mid-term review