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The ACROPOLIS project addresses fundamental research regarding model development and measurements of potential health effects of European consumers. The research will be performed in close cooperation with European risk assessors and European risk managers and other relevant stakeholders within the European community.

The overall objective of the project is to improve risk assessment strategies in Europe. The project will develop a framework for cumulative and aggregate risk assessment of pesticides that is scientifically sound and accessible for all actors involved in the European risk assessment and risk management. The specific objectives of the project, which will be addressed in five specific work packages are:

  1. Improved cumulative exposure assessment and cumulative hazard assessment methodology;
  2. New models for aggregated exposure assessment addressing different routes of exposure;
  3. Setting up new toxicological testing for identifying possible synergistic effects and developing a strategy for refinement of cumulative assessment groups;
  4. To integrate cumulative and aggregate risk models integrated in a web-based tool, including accessible data for all stakeholders;
  5. Improving the understanding of cumulative risk assessment methodology of different stakeholders.